Scholarship Opportunity!

At Freedom Dog Training Academy, we want dogs and owners to live the best lives together as possible!  We have a scholarship for individuals and their puppy or dog to get more help out to the community. Our scholarship is for a 1 year access to our Online Membership ($300 value!)  You’ll be able to ask questions in our Exclusive Client Support Group, be the first to see videos of training dogs, be a part of a learning community designed to help each other succeed with your dog.  In addition, you’ll have access to our online courses with step by step help on training your dog with numerous instructions videos and examples. In order to apply, please fill out the application below.

For every client who signs up for a scholarship approved program, we will award a scholarship to someone who has applied and been approved.  The eligible programs are listed below. In our program two dogs get training: the one who signed up and the scholarship dog!  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Private Lesson Programs
  • The Well Mannered Program
  • The Good Dog Program
Hybrid Training Program
  • This is a customized program combining private lessons with shorter board and trains for the best of both training options!
Board and Train Programs
  • Freedom Dog Board & Train Program
  • Dream Dog Board & Train Program

Freedom Dog Training Academey Scholarship Application