Individual Private Lessons

Individual Private Lessons are open to new and past clients.  Lessons can be done, virtually, at our location or your home (within 30 minutes of our location) and are scheduled one at a time. We will be your coach and you’ll be your dog’s trainer.
You can do lessons on their own or with a membership for online support in between lessons.  We are here to give you the support you need to be successful with your dog!
This option is different than our private lesson programs or board and train programs that are all inclusive.  Individual private lessons are a la carte training. Pick the training options that works best for you.  If you’d like to learn more about our Memberships, click here.  Keep scrolling to learn more about individual private lessons.
In private lessons we become your coach and you become your dog’s trainer.  We can help with a variety of issues such as:
  • pulling on the leash
  • jumping on people
  • barking (at people, dogs, out the window, for nothing)
  • service dog training 
  • Public Access Training
  • Service dog tasks such as diabetic alert, blocking, deep pressure therapy, guide work (for psych), anxiety alerts, response and more!
  • manners
  • puppy training
  • counter surfing
  • crate training
  • not stealing things and running off with them
  • playing catch me if you can
  • potty training
  • aggression
  • reactivity
  • digging holes
  • not coming back when called
  • and more!
We’ll work one on one with you to customize a training program to help you and your dog be successful!

Individual Private Lessons can be virtually, at our location or in your home (within 30 minutes of our location).  The lessons are 60 minutes each.  Our memberships give the advantage of having access to our Google Classroom and/or Exclusive Client Support Group for lots of help in between lessons as well as being part of a community for support from us and other owners.  Don’t have your dog training journey be by yourself but rather with encouragement from others who have been in your position before training. You can do as many lessons as you need to be successful. You can take a break and come back to lessons later on when your ready.  It’s very flexible.   Below you can find the prices for our individual private lessons. 

“Very thorough training experience. Nicole is knowledgable and patient. The ideal combination. My dog is so much easier to live with as a result of this training. I would definitely hire her again!”