Hybrid Training

Our Freedom Dog Board & Train Program is a full immersion program where your dog lives in our house with us and our dogs on our beautiful 1.7 acres in Minooka, IL.  Your dog will also take field trips to do training in new locations such as going on hikes, walks in the park, our friends and/or family houses and pet friendly stores. This is our most popular board and train program!

Why our clients love Hybrid Training

  • Hybrid training is customized to fit you and your dog.

  • You and your dog get the best of both private lessons and board and train.

  • You will learn and teach your dog new skills and your dog will benefit from working directly with a professional trainer.

  • We figure out the best approach for your dog.

  • Your dog is gone for a shorter period of time in board and train, and you are more involved in the training process of your dog.

  • Hybrid training can be for puppies and dogs will a variety of training challenges from jumping, mouthing, anxiety, pulling on the leash, barking, whining, aggression, running off and not coming back when called.  

  • Hybrid Training can be added to private lessons at the beginning or later on as a way to exapnd your dog’s training and give them a unique experience!

Hybrid Training

  • Are you looking to be more involved in your dog’s training but…
  • also want your dog to benefit from working directly with a professional trainer?
  • Then Hybrid Training is for you!
Our Hybrid Program is one of our more popular programs because of its flexibility and combined features of board and train and private lessons giving owners and their dogs the best of both worlds and the most support for success that we offer!
+Private Lessons for you to learn hands on with your dog under the guidance of your trainer.
+Board and train for your dog to learn directly from your professional trainer immersed in their home and taking field trips.
+The first step to getting started is to schedule a meet & greet!

Our Hybrid Training is not a set program with exact features.  It’s built differently for each dog and family.  Here are some general features:

🌟Private Lessons – most of the time we start with the hands-on private lessons.  The number will be discussed at a Meet & Greet and can vary a lot but typically are between 4-8 before any board and train sessions.
🌟Board & Train – Most board & train session during hybrid training are between 1-4 weeks. This could vary also depending on the training we’re doing but again this will be discussed at the Meet & Greet or after private lessons have started.  We want to do what is best for you and your dog.  
*If a board and train session has not been booked and we’re doing private lessons with you, you can decide not to do board and train at any point and just do private lessons.
We can work on a lot of challenging behaviors in Hybrid Training including but not limited to:
Purple check mark 8 icon - Free purple check mark iconsRelaxation: Is your dog hyperactive, over-excited, barking, digging, chewing, being “needy” all the time, unable to settle without lots of exercise just to tire them out everyday.
Purple check mark 8 icon - Free purple check mark iconsHouse Manners: Enjoy getting compliments from friends and family about your dog’s transformation.
Purple check mark 8 icon - Free purple check mark iconsLeash Manners: enjoy neighborhood walks without being pulled around.
Purple check mark 8 icon - Free purple check mark iconsOff Leash Freedom!: Your dog is off leash the majority of time anyhow right?
Purple check mark 8 icon - Free purple check mark iconsField Trips  to pet friendly locations such as parks, walks in neighborhoods, off leash likes, stores and others to take your dog’s training on the road.
Purple check mark 8 icon - Free purple check mark icons Socialization with our stable, personal dogs and other client dogs.
Purple check mark 8 icon - Free purple check mark iconsService Dog Training: we can help from picking a prospect to raising, public access training and task training.

VIP Plus! members earn 5% off of their Hybrid B&T sessions!


Lapka did private lessons first working on the TBTE Relaxation Triad, door manners, being more comfortable around me and learning to become more optimistic in life.  The she came in for a four week board and train where I expanded her skills from the private lessons, taught loose leash walking and added field trips to new places.  We then continued private lessons to add off leash training, working around more new people and dogs and obedience.

Miss Rio

Miss Rio did puppy training with her owner and started her door manners and relaxation skills in private lessons.  She did two short board and train stays.  One was focused on off leash recall (she lives on 13 acres) and the second was on obedience.  In the first video, we were on an off leash during her first stay and in the second video, we took her obedience skills on the road to a local pet friendly store during her second stay.  What a good girl!


Vinnie worked on his relaxation around other dogs and social skills during his board and train time.  During private lesson he did loose leash walking and door manners.

Not sure which training option is best? Don’t stress; we got you!  Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll help guide you.