Foundation Board & Train Program

Our Foundation Board & Train Programs are full immersion programs where your dog lives in our house with us and our dogs on our beautiful 1.7 acres in Minooka, IL.  We’ll work with your dog for three-four weeks, and create a foundation of training that will improve your lives together. This program is ideal for:

  • who need to learn manners
  • that have trouble walking on the leash
  • dogs with minor behavioral issues such as jumping on people
  • and Puppies!

Our Foundation Board and Train will focus on:

*Building a positive and respectful relationship with your dog

**Physical, mental and confidence-building exercises

*Teaching your dog to have an optimistic state of mind.

*How to politely greet people (no more jumping on guests and embarrassing you!)

*Enjoy a dog that walks nicely on a leash (no more dragging you around the neighborhood!)

*How to relax and have a calmer demeanor – relaxed dogs are happier and make better decisions because they’re not going a mile a minute

*Teaching your dog to wait for permission to go out a door (no more running out of the crate or house!)

*Learning to correct your dog for behaviors you don’t want in a way that won’t shut them down and actually gets them more enthusiastic about what they should be doing

*A dog that can make better choices on their own so they need less micromanaging and are more fun to live with!

The Foundation Board and Train program does not cover off leash training with your dog or behavioral issues such as reactivity or aggression.  This is a foundation program only for a great kickstart to your dog’s training. If you’re looking for off leash training check out our Freedom Dog Program.

Winston used to drag his owners on the walk.

Vinny (little white dog) used to jump on people and other dogs, whine and bark at you for attention and treats.

Cooper used to run around hyperactively and steal things when the kids in his house were playing.

Not sure which training option is best? Don’t stress; we got you!  Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll help guide you.