Dream Dog
Board & Train Program

Our Dream Dog Board & Train Program is a full immersion program where your dog lives in our house with us and our dogs on our beautiful 1.7 acres in Minooka, IL.  Your dog will also take field trips to do training in new locations such as going on hikes, walks in the park, our friends and/or family houses and pet friendly stores. 

Why our clients love our Board & Train Programs

  • Each board & train program is customized to fit you and your dog.

  •  Your dog is integrated into our household from day one

  •  We figure out the best approach for your dog.

  •  Your dog is learning directly from a professional

  •  Field trips to pet friendly locations – so your dog learns to focus around increased distractions with professional handling*

  •  Supervised, safe socialization that is at your dog’s pace

  •  Your trainer will teach your dog skills first, while you work on learning the training at home through our Google Classroom and Exclusive Client Support Group.

  •  Then you can practice with your dog who already has foundation training concepts down –you don’t have stumble through it together – in private lessons with your trainer.

  •  We transfer the training to you during and after the training in exclusive private lessons so that you can also continue the training once your dog is home

  •  Your dog hikes with us on the property we have immediate access to, as well as being able to safely run around our 1.7 acre property while we test their off leash learning.*

*Freedom Dog and Dream Dog Programs

Dream Dog Board & Train Program

  • Does your dog growl, lunge and snap at people or other dogs in your home or on walks?
  • Are trimming nails, brushing, grooming visits or vet appointments stressful for you and your dog?
  • Is your dog so anxious that they can’t be relaxed away from you when your home or even worse if you need to leave the house?
Let us help!  Our Dream Dog Program is designed for dogs with more intense behavioral issues such as intense anxiety or aggression.
+Have a dog is calmer and enjoys life versus being emotionally conflicted.
+Enjoy a dog with wonderful manners that receives compliments from your friends and family.
+Take wonderful walks in your neighborhood with your dog.

Our Dream Dog Program helps out dogs with more intense behavioral problems. It features:

🌟8-12 weeks Board & Train in our Home – your dog doesn’t stay in a noisy kennel. We integrate your dog into our household, and they enjoy training on our beautiful 1.7 acres.
🌟6 Private Lessons – we’ll work with you for a minimum of 9 hours – be confident in your dog’s training when they come home! 
🌟1 year free access to our Exclusive Client Support Group for 7 day a week assistance.
🌟Lifetime Access to our online Google Classroom.  No more worrying about trying to write down or remember everything in a lesson – 24/7 access to lesson information at your fingertips!
🌟Training Equipment – don’t worry about what to order we’ve got you covered!

Your dog will be transformed in our Dream Dog Program board and train program!  Your dog will learn:

✅Relaxation: Is your dog hyperactive, over-excited, barking, digging, chewing, being “needy” all the time, unable to settle without lots of exercise just to tire them out everyday.
✅House Manners: Enjoy getting compliments from friends and family about your dog’s transformation.
✅Leash Manners: enjoy neighborhood walks without being pulled around.
✅Off Leash Freedom!: Your dog is off leash the majority of time anyhow right?
✅Field Trips  to pet friendly locations such as parks, walks in neighborhoods, off leash likes, stores and others to take your dog’s training on the road.
✅ Socialization with our stable, personal dogs and other client dogs.

*This program is ideal for dogs with behavior issues such as intense, anxiety, intense reactivity and/or aggression. Also dog’s having major issues with grooming, nail trimming and problems at the vet’s office.  These behaviors can also be helped in our Private Lessons or Membership Options.

*Training Investment: $5200-$6600


Mickey used to charge the door aggressively and he is 80 pounds of solid muscle.  Here my parents came over for dinner.  He has never met them.  I am still helping him with food, but he did an awesome job.  He then spent most of the time, my parents were over, laying around in free behavior, meaning not in a command, making good choices.


Sadie was a three year old dog who came into our program.  She was reactive and aggressive and it all stemmed from her being anxious.  Through the TBTE Relaxation Triad and patience, she became a different dog.  She also learned how to play with our dogs, take field trips to parks, neighborhoods, relatives houses and pet friendly stores.  She went from being very anxious to a dog that was relaxed, calm and happy.


Ozzy was a three year old border collie mix who came into our program because he had bit people and other dogs. He was a nervous dog who didn’t know how to relax. He was pessimistic which caused him to make poor decisions. By teaching him relaxation, optimism, and how to follow our lead with trust, he became a different dog. 

This video is a private lesson client doing a touching exercise with Ozzy. In the past, Ozzy would have tried to bite but you can see he’s quite optimistic about interacting with a stranger. We were so happy that Ozzy had a new lease on life as happier dog!


We met Zeke after he had bit a few people and had attacked his husky housemate where she needed stitches.  He was reactive and aggressive and would have bit us at his evaluation.  And cause he couldn’t get us, he almost turned around and bit his owner in redirection.  Over several weeks, he helped Zeke feel better through relaxation, the power of discovery, loose leash walking, punishment by reward and letting him know that certain behaviors weren’t allowed anymore, socializing with our dogs and he became a much happier dog.

When we met Zeke in his training evaluation, he was aggressive and would have bit us.  Even at his drop off he tried a few times.  But after a few weeks of training, you’ll see his transformation about being touched and how he came to enjoy being touched and wanted interaction.

After several weeks of training, Zeke was able to go to a local pet friendly store and did a great job walking around with other people and dogs around.

As Zeke continued his training, we slowly introduced him to other dogs.  This happened more in the second half of his program.  In the beginning we did social with a muzzle and later on, graduated to no muzzle.  In this video, he’s out with our dogs and another board and train, Jackson.  When he first came to us, he could not be out with the other dogs as he would have been aggressive toward them.  The ultimate goal in this training is not that he is not aggressive cause he’s afraid of being punished (which he isn’t) but because he just feel like being aggressive anymore.  It’s an internal change.

Before Zeke went home at the end of his program, we did an event called Dinner with Dogs.  We had a few current and past training dogs and their families out and did some training activities followed by eating together.  This video clip is when we were tossing toys around as a distraction as we wanted the dogs to lay calmly on the raised cots.  As you can see, Zeke is quite optimistic about this activity and not concerned with the numerous strange people and other new dogs in the room, while his owner is working with him.

Additional Dream Dog Board & Train Skills

*Teaching your dog to ride politely in the car, no more barking out the window or running around which can distract you from safe driving.
*Your dog will wait respectfully to get in and out of the car, so no more dragging you to the car or jumping out as soon as the door opens.
*Have a dog that chills on their own and does nothing when you’re doing nothing versus whining, pulling, barking or jumping.
*TBTE Relaxation Triad
A) Behavioral Down – your dog learns how to actively relax and find that relaxation feels good.
B) DRR – using food to reward calmer and calmer behavior in your dog until they are relaxed, we give them a bit of help in finding relaxation.
C) Conditioned Relaxation – using touch to help your dog relax by relaxing their body which relaxed their mind.
*Teach your dog to automatically wait for permission to go out a door (no more running out of the crate, house or car!) 
*Learning to correct your dog for behaviors you don’t want in a way that won’t shut them down and actually gets them more enthusiastic about what they should be doing.
*A dog that can make better choices on their own, so they need less micromanaging and are more fun to live with!


Tucker came to our program for dog aggression.  He would want to go after other dogs full on with his teeth.  After training his family was able to get puppy and there were no issues between the puppy and Tucker.  We were also able to take have him in social as well as take him on field trips with other dogs as pictured below.  This guy lives a much better and enriched life through our Dream Dog Program.

Tucker enjoying a field trip to a pet friendly store with another training dog. He was such a good boy!
Tucker is the white dog and his housemate is black and white. Here he's enjoying social with many different dogs that he did during boarding many months after his board and train. Good job Tucker!

Not sure which training option is best? Don’t stress; we got you!  Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll help guide you.

When you sign up for a Private Lesson Membership, we’ll be in contact with you to schedule your first lesson as well as send you our veterinary form.  We don’t want your first lesson to be delayed by veterinary records.

We have no vaccination requirements for any virtual or online services where we are not meeting in person.  We do recommend to at a minimum have your dog up to date on rabies when doing training with us in any format.

For in person services at our location: In our on-going effort to provide you and your dog’s with the best care and service possible as well as provide a clean and healthy environment for all, we require ALL dogs that participate in any activity at our Freedom Dog Training Academy location provide proof of the following veterinary records from a licensed veterinarian.

For puppies 8-20 weeks:

a) rabies vaccination no later than 16 weeks of age

b) age appropriate distemper/parvo combo shots

c) negative fecal within 30 days of the first appointment and then updated every year thereafter

For dogs 21 weeks and older:

a) rabies vaccination (1 or 3 years)

b) distemper/parvo combo (1yr, 3 yrs or a yearly titer)

c) negative fecal within 6 months of the first appointment and then updated every year thereafter

If your dog tests positive on their fecal, they need to be treated.  After treatment, a new fecal test will be needed to make sure the treatment has worked.  Some parasites require more than one round of treatment to get rid of them.

We don’t require the bordetella vaccine but Client is welcome to have their dog vaccinated with bordetella. Client understands that even if Client’s dog is vaccinated against kennel cough (bordetella) or not vaccinated, there is a chance that the owner’s dog can still contract kennel cough.

We appreciate your willingness to help us keep our facility as clean and safe as possible for the enjoyment of all.

For training at your home we do not require a fecal test.