Dog Training

Board & Train Programs

Our board and train programs are done in our home.  Your dog is immersed in training from day one.  They are not in a kennel environment but a home. We also do private lessons so you are confident in your dog’s training when they go home.  We can help with puppies, energetic adolescents, reactive or aggressive dogs and service dog training.

Private Lessons

In private lessons programs, we become your coach and you become your dog’s trainer.  Your dog does not stay with us. We meet with you and your dog one on one and work through a customized program to help you train your dog.

A La Carte Training

Our A La Carte Training, lets you pick what training pieces you want to use to help you and your dog become successful.  Everyone starts with our Online Membership and you can choose to do group classes, individual private lessons or hybrid board and trains.

Service Dog Training

Service dog play an important role in helping their handler who has a disability.  We can help you find a service dog prospect, temperament test a litter, evaluate a puppy or dog you already have as well as take you through the training process.


Have a new puppy?  Check out some of the things we do to prepare puppies to be well mannered adult dogs.  It’s so important to work on a great foundation to prevent behavior issues and help your puppy be the best dog they can be!

Online Courses

Our online courses are a great resource to learning about specific topics without doing everything we offer.  Each of our courses has a theme or topic.  Work at your own pace and receive the same highly successful information our clients receive in our memberships and other in person services.


Memberships are a handy way to pay for training on a monthly basis.  They are budget friendly and flexible.  There is no large cost upfront and no long term commitment.  However many of our private lesson membership clients train with us for several months cause they enjoy learning and having fun with their dogs.