• Are you worried about your dog’s training regressing while you are away?
  • Are you concerned with the stressful environment of the big boarding facilities?
  • Do they have behavior issues you want to be managed safely and professionally?
  • Do you worry about them being stuck in a kennel 24/7 with no physical or mental activities?

Freedom Dog Training Academy offers boarding in our home. Your dog will board with a professional trainer during their stay.

We have a limited number of spots for boarding (typically only 1-4 available at a time) so please book early!  Boarding your dog with us will give you peace of mind.  As professional trainers, we can best help your dog enjoy their stay!


Benny, our English Shepherd, loves going to play with the other dogs and loves Nicole, too! We love that Benny is safe and sound with a reliable sitter when we need to travel. Nora G.

Outside Playtime!


We all love our pets as they're our own kids. That's why it's so hard to leave them when you go on vacation. It's so nice that Nicole took great care of our Abby. She posted pictures and always kept us updated. I will definitely send our dog there again and I highly recommend her. thanks again Nicole!! Jan D.

Our Three Levels of Boarding 

Easy Peasy (Level 1)

Easy Peasy dogs are dogs have been through training with us and fit into out household like they live here all the time when they come to board and have low support needs.  They are good and quiet in the crate, get along with the other dogs and have good manners with people, in the house and the car (no jumping, barking or pulling on the leash).  
They have also done off leash training with us and can fully enjoy our yard, 1/2 field and hiking in the woods our back or field trips to local off leash hiking locations.

A Bit of Extra Help (Level 2)

This level of boarding provides dogs with more support.  This would be dogs who are or have done training with us but need some more one on one time.  Maybe they’re still working through some emotions or need extra guidance in the house or social. 
We give the dog the help they need to be successful in boarding whether that includes starting them in social in a smaller group or on leash with support, less dogs out at a time in the house so smaller groups or more one on one time with their trainer.  These dogs just need more support where they are in their training, and we want to be there to help them.

New Dogs or High Support Dogs. (Level 3)

This tier of boarding is for dogs who have not dog any training with us.  We need to get to know a new dog and without previous training we are starting at scratch like we would with a new board and train.  Also, a new dog is learning about how we train and do things around the house and property, so they require more individual time as they are learning.  This helps a dog become more comfortable at our place as we are actively helping the dog.  
This tier is also for dogs who need a lot of support.  Dogs who bark in the crate, drag everywhere on the leash, jump all over people or the other dogs.  This would also include dogs with anxiety, aggression and reactivity.

Boarding FAQs and Prices

Boarding dogs stay in our crating room overnight.  We have a dedicated bedroom that is two doors down the hallway from our bedroom for dogs to sleep.  It has crates for clients dogs.  Dogs are crated when they cannot be supervised, for a daily nap and overnight for their safety.  We also do not crate two dogs in the same crate but can put dogs in crates next to each other.

If you are a training client, we’ll be able to tell you which tier your dog falls into as we will know you and your dog.  If you are a new client who has not done training with us, we will set up a Meet & Greet to see if your dog will be accepted into boarding and begin at the New Dogs Tier.

Yes.  Does can more up and down tiers based on their behavior.  A new dogs might come in for their first time boarding and not need a ton of support and so then next time they board they move to the Higher Grade School tier.  Or a dog who has been boarding at the Easy Peasy, has slid in their training and moves to the High Grade School.

Depending on your dog’s level of training and experience they may participate in a variety of activities while boarding.  

*We have hang out time in the house just like they would chill in your home.  Some dogs will do this one on one with our trainer, in groups of 2-3 or 4-5 dogs.  Whatever works best for your dog.

*We have social time where the dogs are outside or in our training room.  Some dogs may be in the training room and/or the attached outdoor area.  If the weather cooperates and dogs have enough training, they may go out in social in our backyard (50x70ft) or our 1/2 acre field.  Off leash trained dogs may hike in the woods behind our house, swim in the creek if they want or go on off leash hiking field trips to local parks or our parents property with 8 acres of hayfield.

*Training sessions:  While all dogs receive training support to maintain their training while boarding with us, dogs with mid and high support needs will receive help to have their boarding experience be a successful one.  This is different than a hybrid or board and train in that we are not transferring the training to you but most of the time it’s things that owners are already working on at home with their dog.