Our Board & Train Programs are full immersion programs where your dog lives in our house with us and our dogs on our beautiful 1.7 acres in Minooka, IL.  Your dog will also take field trips to do training in new locations such as going on hikes, walks in the park, our friends and/or family houses and pet friendly stores.

Why our clients love our Board & Train Programs

  • Each board & train program is customized to fit you and your dog.

  •  Your dog is integrated into our household from day one

  •  We figure out the best approach for your dog.

  •  Your dog is learning directly from a professional

  •  Field trips to pet friendly locations – so your dog learns to focus around increased distractions with professional handling

  •  Supervised, safe socialization that is at your dog’s pace

  •  Your trainer will teach your dog skills first, while you work on learning the training at home through our online courses and Exclusive Client Support Group.

  •  Then you can practice with your dog who already has foundation training concepts down –you don’t have stumble through it together – in private lessons with your trainer.

  •  We transfer the training to you during and after the training in exclusive private lessons so that you can also continue the training once your dog is home

  •  Your dog hikes with us on the property we have immediate access to, as well as being able to safely run around our 1.7 acre property while we test their off leash learning.


Board & Train

Each board & train program is customized to fit you and your dog.  Depending on your dog’s program and where they are in training will determine which features they participate in during training.  Our starting price is for three weeks.  Some dogs may need a longer program or multiple shorter programs with time at home for practice before moving onto the next step.

“I did a board and train with Nicole: I took a crazy, active and not well behaved little boxer. I got back a well mannered and well behaved boxer. My grandson could hardly take Brandi on walks or out for bathroom time because of the pulling and jumping. Now he is the first to jump up and off to take her out.

I read on Nicole’s website that she also did off leash training. I thought that would be great but never dreamed it could happen. Brandi always played catch me if you can when an opening was there. Now we can go on walks, play ball and go to a friend’s house with no leash.

Amazing is not a big enough word to describe what Nicole did with my baby. From first visit till now Nicole is ready to help. Five star plus is what I would rate Nicole and her training”

Diane P with Brandi (Freedom Dog Board & Train Program)

Our Board & Train Programs

  • Our Board & Train Program is our results based customized board and train program.  Your dog will stay with us in our home on our beautiful 1.7 acre property in Minooka, IL
  • Want to see more about how we help dogs?  Check out our Videos page.
  • What’s included?
    • Training equipment
      • Included is a 15 foot long line, leash walking equipment and depending on the training program a Mini or Micro Educator.
    • Admission in our Freedom Dog Course, our course full of videos, handouts and tons of training information (you get to keep the course!)
    • Enrollment in our Exclusive Client Support Group Membership ($22/month) for updates on your dog as well as post program support and a community of owners along with your trainer for friendship and support.
    • Private lessons to teach you your dog’s training.  We want you to be confident in your dog’s training when they come home.
  • You get all this plus your dog staying and training with us in our house with our personal dogs
  • Interested in signing up for a Board & Train Program? Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a Meet & Greet to get started! 

Freedom Dog Program

*6 weeks Board & Train in our Home – your dog doesn’t stay in a noisy kennel but the comfort of our own home during training.

*4 Private Lessons – be confident in your dog’s training when they come home!

*Ideal for dogs with no to mild behavior issues such as mild reactivity or anxiety.  No intense reactivity, anxiety or aggression.  Dogs with more intense behavior issues are better helped in our Dream Dog Board & Train Program or a customized Hybrid Program.

*Your dog will learn manners and be polite to family members and guests – no more jumping, barking or mouthing!

*TBTE Relaxation Triad – 3 core relaxation activities that will help any dog with their hyperactivity, lack of focus and manners.

*Loose Leash Walking – no more pulling, dragging and/or barking on walks!

*Wait at thresholds – no more running out the door, the crate or the car

*Socialization with our stable, personal dogs and other clients dogs.

*Socials and hikes in our 1/2 acre field, woods out back and field trips to practice off leash recall in various parks and our family farm 8 acre pasture.  Have a dog that you’re confident in taking places and enjoying off leash walks and hikes!

*Training Investment: $4200

Dream Dog Program

  • 8-12 weeks Board & Train in our Home – your dog doesn’t stay in a noisy kennel but the comfort of our own home during training.
  • 6-8 Private Lessons – be confident in your dog’s training when they come home!
  • We works on all things from the Freedom Dog Program plus:
    • reactivity
    • aggression
    • anxiety
    • grooming including nail trimming
    • vet exams
    • other intense behavioral issues
  • Our goal is for you to have long term success with your dog!
  • Training Investment: $5200-$6600

Not sure which training option is best? Don’t stress; we got you!  Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll help guide you.