Is your dog stubborn?

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It’s not uncommon for us to hear owners tell us that their dog is stubborn.  Their dog won’t listen to them, wants to do the opposite of what they asked or just overall has their own plan in life.

It’s also not uncommon for owners to say to us about our own dogs is that they are attentive to us and we’re on the same page.

Essentially a stubborn dog is no more than a dog that is determined to do behaviors that don’t align with out plan.  In our training we teach dogs to be stubborn in a way that aligns with what we want as people and voila!  The dog is no longer considered stubborn in a negative way.

Getting you and your dog on the same page and on the same plan takes work but the payoff is so worth it as your dog is now stubborn to do the behaviors you want with the same determination they used to have for those unwanted behaviors.  It’s all about aligning agendas and taking the conflict out of you and your dog’s relationship to create fun and harmony.  

Is your dog stubborn?