A La Carte Training

A La Carte Training allows you to just pick what training you want. This option is different than our private lesson or board and train programs that are all inclusive.  A la carte training is exactly how it sounds: a la carte. Pick the training options that works best for you.  Work at your own pace, change the level of support you want and cancel anytime.
A la carte training is flexible and gives you the support you need to be successful with your dog!
All a la carte training begins with our Online Membership.  With your Online Membership you can exclusive gain access to group classes, individual private lessons or private lesson memberships and customized board and trains. 
Group Classes: We periodically offer group classes.  These are offered with our sister organization, New Frontier Service Dogs.
Private Lessons: Meet with us in person or virtually online for one on one training with your puppy or dog.  We will be your coach and you’ll be your dog’s trainer.  As we work with you and your dog, we’ll customize a training plan to help you be successful!
Private Lessons can be purchased as a membership or individually.
Board & Train: Having your puppy or dog come and stay with us for customized board and train sessions can be a great option. As an owner-trainer you’ll gain great confidence going through group classes and/or private lessons and also know that your dog gets more training experience working with their professional trainer.

Online Membership

Our Online Membership includes:
  • A) Enrollment in our multiple online courses such as Let’s Relax, Loose Leash Walking, Change my Mind and Stop That!  To learn more about each of the online courses included in the online membership check out our Online Training Course page.
    Our online courses teach the same highly successful material that we cover in our other services.
    We also have videos showing the progression of board and train dogs through their programs so you can see the training in action and how different topics are integrated together.
  • B) Access to our Exclusive Client Support Group.  This is a place where you can post and ask questions, get feedback, see posts about dogs we are working with and share successes!
    Getting support and feedback will greatly help enhance your learning and training with your dog.  You can ask about all the dogs in your household with one membership. Get to a happier life with your dog faster!
  • C) Exclusive access to group classes, a la carte private lessons and board and train outside of programs.
Our Online Membership is $29.99 a month. This is a great training investment in your dog and enjoying your lives together for many, many years!

What Courses are Included?

In our Online Membership includes enrollment in our six online courses:
Let’s Relax: Learn the powerful TBTE Relaxation Triad to help your dog learn the skill of being able to relax.
Stop That!: Learn different ways we teach dog to stop certain behaviors and choose better options.
Change My Mind: Your dog learns how to changer their perception about the world from scary to secure or overstimulating to calmer.
Loose Leash Walking: Does your dog drag you on walks?  Have more fun walks with your dog?  Take your dog’s relaxation and changed perception on adventures away from home and enjoy the world together.
Chill Time: Do you stop to chat with a friend on walks?  Have a dog that when you’re doing nothing also does nothing without any input from you.  Chill time works hand in hand with Loose Leash Walking and Let’s Relax.
Puppies!: Take a look at where we get started with helping puppies get started on the right paw!
These highly successful courses teach the same material we cover in our other services. Our courses are made up of text and numerous videos as well as training with various dogs so you can see many examples.
We are always adding new examples and information to the courses, continuing to add value and topics.
We also have videos showing the progression of board and train dogs through their programs so you can see the training in action and get a better overall picture of how the various training pieces fit together.
“I just wanted to tell you that I took Enzo on a walk today with my daughter in the big stroller, and he did awesome!!!!…One of the best walks I’ve had with a dog, and I just wanted to thank you for for that.  You taught us very well!”
Rachel R. and Enzo

Private Lessons

In private lessons, we become your coach and you become your dog’s trainer. We can help with a variety of issues such as 
  • pulling on the leash
  • jumping on people
  • barking (at people, dogs, out the window, for nothing)
  • service dog training 
  • manners
  • puppy training
  • counter surfing
  • crate training
  • not stealing things and running off with them
  • playing catch me if you can
  • potty training
  • digging holes
  • not coming back when called
  • and more!
We’ll work one on one with you to customize a training program to help you and your dog be successful!

Private lessons are 90 minutes each. 

They can be at our location or your home (within 30 minutes of our location) You can choose to do private lesson individually or in a package of four. Four lesson packages expires 12 weeks from the date of purchase.  You’ll also have access to online support through your Online Membership to review material and/or ask questions for assistance in between lessons.  You’ll be able to connect with others that have done training or are currently doing training with the puppies or dogs in a strong supportive community. You can do as many lessons as you need to be successful. You can also check out our private lesson programs for other private lesson training options. Below you can find the prices for our individual and packages of private lessons.

Board and Train

Having your dog come and stay with us for customized board and train sessions can be a great option. As an owner you’ll gain great confidence going through group classes and/or private lessons and also know that your puppy gets more training experience working with their professional trainer.

This training option does not have to be chosen right away and can be added later based on availability.

Board and trains start at 4 weeks and go from there.  We would discuss what you want us to work on while your puppy or dog is with us as well as how long they would stay. Board and train sessions can work an any training skills involved in training your dog. Examples could be: puppy training, crate training, potty training, manners, walking nicely on a leash, training around increased distractions (other dogs, participating in private lessons, taking field trips), improving relaxation skills, recall, obedience, social with other dogs skills, public access, task training and more. Each board and train is customized based on where your dog is in training.

Two private lessons are included. This allows us to go over in person what your puppy learned with us.  If you live further away from us, we can combine your lessons into two parts on the day of pick up. It’s important to us that you’re comfortable and confident with training for success when your dog returns home

“Very thorough training experience. Nicole is knowledgable and patient. The ideal combination. My dog is so much easier to live with as a result of this training. I would definitely hire her again!”